George MUKIBI 1, Marián HOLUBČÍK 1, Jose SUVADA 1,2, Kutosi BETTY 1, Kiboa SAID 1, Otim James ROBERT 1, Barbara SILHAROVA 1,2

1 Health Initiative Associates and St. Elizabeth Univ. (SEU) Joint Tropical Programme, St John Paul II. Clinic and Centre Buikwe Uganda
2 Int. Soc. Antimicrob. Chemotherapy, WG ID in Catastrophes, ISAC Aberdeen, UK

Objective: Uganda is on the top of the countries with the high burden of the geohelminths. Despite that fact the data about the prevalence of geohelminths and impact of the preventive chemoprophylaxis are not consistent.
Methods: The main goal of this research is the impact of preventive chemoprophylaxis of geohelminths.
Results: We have been observing the impact of the preventive chemoprophylaxis of geohelminths on body weight and height of 120 children with Albendazol in the rural area of Uganda during five years (2015-2019).
Conclusion: Albendazol every 6 month was able in 5 years to improve major antropometric parameter in vulnerable children in rural Uganda.
Key words: antimalnutrition programme, antihelmintic prevention.
Lek obz, 2020, 69(5): 160-161