Lenka PANDYA 1, Lucas PHOHLA 2, Lesley BUCKO 1,2, Milica PALENIKOVA 1, Marie HALCINOVA 1, Monika MIKLOSKOVA 1, Helena KONOSOVA 1, Lubica LIBOVA 1, Jana OTRUBOVA 1, Anna MURGOVA 1, Maria CERVENKOVA 1,2, Kristina PAUER 1,
Stanislava HUNYADYOVA 1 and Martin BIBZA 1

1 SEU st  John Paul II School of Misiology Antimalnutrition programme and Societas Iesu Karnataka Province, Manvi Karnataka India
2 Don Bosco Phiulosophate School and Social centre Mandalay Salesian Don Bosco province SEU joint Antimalnutrition  programme, Mandalay Myanmar

Backgrounds: Prevention and treatment of malnutrition in the northern region of the state of Karnataka in India and Mandalay in Myanmar is reported.
Methods: It Analyses basic data on  malnutrition in children and basic characteristics of the region is describes in the activities of the project from September to December 2013 and 2018/2019. It assesses the number and spectrum of patients treated.
Results: Overall, between 126 and 165 children were included in to the first antimalnutrition program of the project in India (Karnataka). In addition, hundreds of children were screened during the checks within the villages. Dozens of educational meetings for families with children took place in the villages where the antimalnutrition program took place.
Conclusion: Join, education plus malnutrition plus healthcare both in India and Myanmar shoved good adherence of the  children and parents even when coming from low-cast families.
Key words: nutrition program.
Lek obz, 2020, 69(5): 162-164