Monika MIKLOSKOVA 1, Jozef MIKLOSKO 1,2, Miroslav FERANC 2, Jan HERAK 2, Emilia BEZAKOVA 1,2

1 St Elisabeth University, Bratislava, Smile as Gift – NGO Slovakia
2 Freyberg Institute for  Family and Child Research SEU IGAP Vienna

Background: The longitudinal research dealing with the development of situation of vulnerable families in Slovakia 2006-2016  which through social workers department of social protection of the individual  social services summarized the facts about 2,906 children taken  out of their families within the given period, reaffirms the fact that 56% of the children would not have been removed from the family, or as the case may be, could have returned  to their natural environment if provided with adequate family support. We are challenged to deal with this critical fact in the multidisciplinary context.

Methods: The article sumarizes the outcomes of the research The Family at risk, which since the year 2006 till 2016 focuses on the development of the situation of the families at risk all over Slovakia.
Results: The analysis of the reasons out of home placements is the basis for the searching of the adequate solutions in the particular area, who would lead into the dicreasing of the number of the families in the social-legal protection system and  would lead to the setting more effective processes reflecting needs of the families, so that prevent out of home placement and longterm institutional care for the children in the nowaday´s extensity.
Key words: Families at risk, reasons of the out of home placement, the role of the attachment in the child development.
Lek obz, 2020, 69(5): 173-176