Vladimir KRCMERY, Roberto CAUDA: Health care  in marginalized residents: elderly, orphans, homeless rezidents versus refugees and migrants

Original papers
Daria KIMULI, Maria KOMLOSI, Ivan SZABO et al.: Highlands malaria among internally displaced refugees in mountain areas of Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi        
Maria HARDY, Marian MARTKOVJAK, Anna BERESOVA et al.: Is the homeless sheltered population a public health threat?         
Hoang CHENG HOIN, Martina BENCOVA, Veronika SLADECKOVA et al.: Reversibility of antibiotic resistance among orphans of genocide survivors with AIDS in 2003 – 2017 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia        
Peri HAJ ALI, Jan BYDZOVSKY, Ladislav BUCKO et al.: Migrants and refugees from Syria and Iraq, via Balkan route are not a public health threat (research note)       

Thomas SIMONEK, Anna LISKOVA, Mariana MRAZOVA et al.: Colonisation of migrants with marine but not human pathogens in Northern Greece refugee camps Veria and Alexandria        
Jozef SUVADA, Thomas SIMONEK, Magdalena SMET et al.: Stress related posttraumatic syndrome was the commonest disease in the acute disaster settings, versus chronic long-term refugees in Lebanon and Yemen        
Katarina MULAMA, Michaela MULERA, Frantisek MATEICKA et al.: Decrease of tuberculosis following and decline of the AIDS after implementing preventive strategy 2009-2017 in displaced population after tribal conflict in North Western Kenya
Andrea SHAHUM, Peri HAJ ALI, Maria CHABADOVA et al.: Slow progressors and late presenters of pediatric aids among streetchildren sheltered in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, Cambodia        

Marian BARTKOVJAK, Vladimir KRCMERY: Vaccinations and other travel medicine preparations of missionaires and humanitarian workers before acute travel for tropics        

Personalities of Slovak medicine
Vladimír ŠEFRÁNEK: Professor MUDr. Ivan Šimkovic, DrSc.        

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